DRUPs Solutions

THE Environmental system can monitor the direct surroundings of your racks. Its efficient and modular structure makes it suitable for a single rack or a complete server room. The system can of course be seamlessly integrated and managed with your existing Network Management Software. All product work in exactly the same way. The different versions are characterised by the number of ports. A distinction is hereby made between intelligent ports and so-called dry contact ports. The intelligent ports are used for measuring temperature, humidity and airflow, for example. The dry contact ports, on the other hand, are simple on/off contacts, which can be used for various functions, including the readout of CRAC or UPS systems, or used as door contacts.

Power Pro - The New Standard for Continuous Power

- Economic
- Innovative
- Powerful
- Efficient
- Reliable
- Compact
- Intuitive
- Connected
- Sustainable
- Straightforward

Power performance

- Available ratings:
- Emergency standby power (ESP)
- Prime-rated power (PRP)
- Continuous output power (COP)
- Data Centre Continues (DCC)

 Available optimisations:
- Fuel Optimized
- TA-Luft
- EPA Tier 1
- EPA Tier 2 (NEA)

Lower Energy or Fuel consumption

Flexible Energy Storage Optimisation (ESO) mode
- Depending on load levels the ESO speed is calculated
- (PLC) and set into the Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
- Ongoing check via speed measurement on the inner rotor

Diesel Start Delay (DSD) functionality
- Upto 2 seconds Diesel Start Delay possible.
- Directly influences ESO levels and KVA rating of the unit.

Lowest Operating Cost

Highest Operating Efficiency
- Optimised design delivers up to 97.5%
- total system efficiency while delivering full power conditioning to the load

Maximum Uptime
- Auto-lubrication, smart monitoring, and a highly accessible design results in
- extended service intervals and reduced service time

Low Service Requirement
- Fewer operational interruptions. Only one shut-down per annum and an
- overhaul every 10 years